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I’m 40, a little overweight, 2.5 kids, job from hell, ex-smoker and tonight’s the night. The wife is in the mood, kids are asleep, the neighborhood is quiet for a change and it’s a perfect night to make love. Familiar, but still nice after all these years you begin your love making ritual, your right as a man. She’s not as small as she used to be, that aching feeling like a splinter in your mind that started after your first child. “Does she still feel me inside?”


I’ve been there, I’ve thought this too. Even more so after my second child birth. Here’s a survey fact gathered from my web site. Guys with penis’s ranging from 4″ to 9″. Believe me, 98 percent surveyed thought the same thing! A 9″ guy worried about pleasing his woman? Hard to believe? A woman’s vagina will return to almost her original size within a year after her first child. So what has changed in him?

Emotional content? Time and age? Penis size? The answer is all three. So let us as men, look directly into the gaping mouth of the lion: The truth.

It would take a much, much longer article than this to help everyone who is reading this with their individual, emotional content. But, the mind follows the body and the body follows the mind. So let’s analyze “Time and Age” and “Penis Size”. In a positive direction, that, becoming harder and longer in your shorts, will do wonders for your emotional content.

Myth #1: Your penis cannot be made larger without surgery or a miracle.

Fact: I have gone from 7.5″, semi thin penis, to 9″ thick in under 3 months.

Myth #2: Penis pumps make you larger and thicker.

Fact: Pumps swell you for about 1-5 minutes and have no long term benefits’. You can also burst capillaries and cause permanent damage. Keeping the penis swollen for long periods of time can increase your girth slightly over a few months, but it will not increase the hardness of your erection. Over time it will do the opposite.

 Myth #3: Just taking a pill will give me more length.

Fact: Most of you have already learned by experience that this is false. The “Magic Pill” doesn’t exist, but, it can be our best friend in making the powerful gains we really, really want, if you combine it with “Jelqing”.

IndependentProofSizeGeneticsAsk any porn star…and I had…what is the best part of having sex on a constant basis. “The growth that comes from holding an erection for an hour or more, four to six days a week.” Over time, this gives you permanent, increased, length and girth. Why? Did your brain already come up with the answer? Your penis is a muscle. It’s time to start your own penis work out, starting today. It’s time to go to the Jelqing gym!

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