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Your penis is a muscle. It’s time to start your own penis work out, starting today. It’s time to go to the Jelqing gym!

Use these techniques at your own risk!

Never Jelq or exercise to the point of pain or excessive discomfort.

The little man. This is how we will think of our member from now on as we work out a fitness routine to start you on the road to more gain to the number one muscle. The penis is made of soft tissues much like the rest of the muscles in your body. To gain muscle you perform sets, from light to heavy, from minimum reps to increased reps. The penis can do curls and it can flex. Which sounds more like fun? Driving to the gym for an hour of sweating or a half an hour in the bathroom Jelqing?


The penis is composed of tissues. To lengthen it, you must massage it to make the tissue grow. If tissue growth can be achieved merely by swallowing pills, bodybuilders would not need to workout! Jelqing isn’t complicated, but like any workout to get maximum gains, you want to focus on technique. You can have your new penis in 30 days or 3 months depending how closely you adhere to these techniques. Your doubts are understandable; this is virgin territory for most people. I have 1.5″ more than I had when I started and you can too. If you only use these techniques for a week, you will feel better blood flow and stronger erections.


Preparation is a key component. The penis tissue must be made warm before exercises begin for maximum gain in a short time. An extra warm wash towel, wrapped around the shaft, for at least a minute is the best start. After being in a hot shower for 10 minutes also works well. Heat the tissue, start the blood flow, begin the stretch, then the Jelqing.


After the warming period is initiated, we will stretch the penis by placing your finger and thumb in an “OK” sign, behind the head of the penis. Use the head to stretch, were not trying to grow more skin, we are trying to lengthen the shaft. Basically we will point towards 12, 3, 6, and back to twelve on the clock. Hold each clock position to your own level of comfort for at least 15 seconds. Also include pointing the stretch straight out in front of you. So it is up, down, left, right and out. OK, that’s the warm up, pretty simple but very important.


The Jelq

Done right, you can see gains very quickly. Your penis will have a different feel for most men the first time you perform the Jelqing technique. One of the best gains is the control over premature ejaculation.



Wash towel, Soap or hand cream (I recommend the penis oil I sell at my site. “Of course you do” you’re thinking. The Penis Oil we make drives blood into the penis in seconds, clears unseen blood clots and increases erection strength even after ejaculation. Our penis oil is made for Jelqing and increasing gains in a short time. It is all I will use.)


Step One

After the warm up, with one hand, keep a circle with your first finger and thumb of your left hand around the base of the penis. Keeping the blood in the shaft while you are Jelqing. Squeeze just enough to keep a semi-erect penis.

Step Two

Making the circle around the shaft starting at the base, with your thumb and first finger on the right hand, is how we drive the blood from the base of the penis to the head. This is not a race, develop a count and keep a rhythm. From the base to the head, count 1-2-3 for each Jelq. Keep the other hand, holding the base, in the same spot for every Jelq. Try to do at least 50-100 jelqs per session. We are not trying to cut off the blood flow into the penis. Every 25 “Jelqs” I switch hands and let blood flow normally back into the shaft.

Step Three

Vitamin intake. When a weightlifter goes to the gym, he keeps his muscles growing by helping them heal faster and get stronger with nutrient intake. New muscles need to eat, feed them right. I use a combination of herbs, and buy a one month supply which I take over a six week time period. The herbal combination stays in the blood stream for up to four days. I take two caplets one half hour before my exercise begins.

I don’t stop there. I also use a high quality stretching device, which combined with the Jelqing, herbs and vitamins has given me gains at 40 yrs old, I only dreamed of at 25.IndependentProofSizeGenetics


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