Here at Herbal Products Review Information Center, we are very excited to present to you one of the most powerful male enhancement products that is in existence today. Simply put, it is a wonderful Penis Enlargement System that ranks very high because of the impressive results that has been delivered.

We are confident to say that Male Extra belongs to the group of the best male enhancement pills ever created taking into consideration that it contains more ingredients per dosage than any other similar product. The product has been formulated based on clinical and scientific studies. The superb quality ingredients in MaleExtra suggest:

  • Every dose contains 1500mg of high quality and tested ingredients. Tests have revealed that MaleExtra are 3 times more powerful than results from pills that are manufactured by the competition.
  • Results were visible not long after the first dosages. This indicates that the fastest acting male enhancement product is in question.
  • A very unique ingredient that Only MaleExtra contains is Pomegranate 70% ellagic. This component is called the nature’s natural Viagra itself. This is probably the reason behind the fast results after the first use of MaleExtra.


A very important thing that MaleExtra offers but no other male enhancement pill does is the inclusion of PenisHealth bonus. This is the most comprehensive and popular exercise program. You can then use the PenisHealth exercises with MaleExtra to increase your penis, girth and erections by up to 3 fantastic inches.

This two-way system is next to none in its category and it enables you to achieve bigger, harder and longer lasting erections. Furthermore, it super charges your sex life a lot more than you have experienced before. This comes as little surprise that MaleExtra was pronounced the best male enhancement pill of the year.

Now let’s discuss the features of MaleExtra, how does it help you in your quest for a better sexual performance as well as how does it compare to other similar products in the same industry.

We have included a comparison chart to allow you to see the results as compared with other popular products made by the competition. MaleExtra is simply the leader. According to our opinion, these are the best male enhancement pills on the market today.

Comparison Of MaleExtra With Other Penis Enhancement Pills

Next, we are going to look at the price of each product and compare them. This is what we did. We ordered a package just to and after a few days, we got a beautifully designed branded product box that contains 90 pills. These pills were sealed in blister packs. In most cases, other products have boxes that contain 60 pills which means you get 30 more pills per box. This makes MaleExtra the most cost effective pill ever!

Check MaleExtra Price Per Box

Based on our review, we are of the opinion that MaleExtra is the best value for money penis enlargement pill for having more potent ingredients and above all, for delivering a lot better results than any of its peers.

And finally let us compare the pills themselves according to their dosage or what some people know as pills per serving. The majority of male enhancement products don’t display these data on their websites but Male Extra openly disclosed that their product consists of 3 pills per serving featuring more milligrams per dose as compared to other pills that claim to enlarge the penis.

Pills Per Serving Comparison

As we have already stated, we found MaleExtra to work extremely effectively and extraordinarily fast. The manufacturers have reported that MaleExtra works extremely well as a result of the quality as well as the quantity of 100% pure, natural and safe ingredients. namely the fantastic 500mg of very expensive Pomegranate 70% Elagic which is packed into every single pill.

Now The Testimonials/Success Stories

Enlarged my penis by over 1.5″ in length!

“I had viewed some televised footage on successful penis enlargement surgery and whilst surfing the net on the subject, stumbled on the penis-health website. I absorbed all the info on the whole concept and mechanical means of PE. I measured my starting stats correctly and learnt the exercises and routines.

My starting measurements were ERECT LENGTH 5 7/8″ and ERECT GIRTH 5 1/8″. My flaccid size was an embarrassment at around 2″ length and 4 ” girth. Supplied with before and after pictures.

Daryl Thompson, Consultant, Sydney Australia


Stronger erections and better sexual control since starting!

“I have to say I was doubtful about being able to enlarge my penis through simple techniques, I was wrong.

When I started the PenisHealth™ DVD I was just below average in length and girth (5.75″L and 4.75″G). I am now half an inch longer,
and an inch bigger in girth. With before and after photos.

Forum Member , Shadow1, England, Leicester

My ejaculation volumes have doubled!

“I have never been happy with my penis size. Even as an adult I have felt self conscious that my size and have often wrecked relationships with my paranoia. MaleExtra™ has helped to change all that.

I tried their nutritious pills 6 weeks ago and I have already noticed a significant difference in my penis size. Even my ejaculations volumes have doubled which has been great for my sex life.”

Ryan Mills, Account Executive, USA, Chicago

My wife loves the new me!

“I tried MaleExtra™ only a month ago and I cannot stop shouting about it. I wasn’t expecting to experience so many benefits, but within days of trying their pills and PenisHealth™ exercises I noticed that my erections are firmer and harder, my stamina had increased but more astonishingly my orgasms lasted twice as long.

My wife loves the new me as not only has my penis increased in size by an inch, but she too is experiencing much more satisfying orgasms.”

Tim Wilks, Property developer, Australia

The implementation of other ingredients used in other proven male enhancement pills has further transformed MaleExtra into the ultimate formula that gives you that extra kick that you always wanted!

To Sum Everything Up

Our review has shown that MaleExtra and PenisHealth exercises are a win-win combination for penis enlargement pills choice. Due to the fact that it provides larger number of features coupled with ingredients of high quality and the cheaper price per pill, MaleExtra stands head and shoulders over its competition. Should you be looking for the best penis enlargement product that is within your reach, we heartily recommend MaleExtra 100%!!!

You have nothing to be worried about since they offer a 100% risk free money back guarantee. You have a full 90 days to see whether MaleExtra is what you want and if it is not or in the event that you are not completely satisfied with the results you get, contact them and your money will be returned.