Fifteen months ago, I’ve ordered Size Genetics penis extender and MaleExtra sexual enhancement pills. I have tried to use my new penis extender, two moths without any result. My exercises didn’t started well. I had a problem with penis extender. Irritated with this problem, I was thinking to give up, and return product. “This was my worst investment.” – I thought. Size Genetics offer 6 months full refund purchase price.

I’ve decided to try penis extender program for the last time. Friend of mine had small penis, too. That afternoon he decided to show me how to use my penis extender properly. He ordered his tool three months before me, and he was pleased with results. He brought his camera. We made a video tutorial and my penis enlargement journey started. My biggest flaw in my previous attempts was impatience. “If you want to have bigger penis, you must take time. Follow these steps.” – he said.

Then he wrote:SizeGeneticsTurboChargeConfidence

  • Make your training schedule.
  • Take your camera and record your sessions.
  • Measure your penis every week.
  • Do not skip training.
  • Take MaleExtra sexual enhancement pills.


“Follow my instructions and remember: This time, next year you’ll have a bigger penis than Nick.” – he said. Nick was a good friend of mine and frequent target of women’s conversation and argument, too. Why? Because Nick had a nice 8 inch tool. My friends used to say it is ideal size for most women. They used to say just one thing: “Ohhh…” when they see Nick’s manhood.


To make a long story short: This was the beginning of my success.

Two months later my new penis length was 6.4 inches. My penis and I was in better sex condition than ever before. This was very much exciting for me and for my girlfriend. Penis extender and herbal pills combination showed me a new dimension in my sex life. Finally I can have hard like rock erections several times a day.

Penis Enlargement GraphIt is time for me to explain how Size Genetics penis enlargement device works. Why people has longer penis and harder erections? This penis enlargement device stretch your penis and after couple of months, your penis will become longer. With constant stressing, the tissue mass increases. New tissue allow more blood to be held in the shaft of the penis. Our organs has propensity to grow, and SizeGenetics penis extender a patented device use this natural phenomenon to help people to achieve the full sexual potential. Size Genetics extender is medically proved and safe.

Let me explain the end of my path. After twelve months, at he end of my journey, I found I have a bigger manhood than Nick. It is true. My penis is almost 8.5 inches. I’m happy. My girlfriend is happy, too.

Few weeks ago, I found an old document on my computer. It was an e-mail I was intended to send to manufacturer in order to ask my money back. Luckily, I did not send this e-mail. I wrote a new, “Thank you” e-mail to manufacturer. My friend asked me to write this short review about SizeGenetics device. This is my review and my praise to this product.SizeGenetics3InchesHorizntalBannerFew days ago, I found my first home video about my penis enlargement program. My penis was 5.8 inches at this time. I want to emphasize a few things before the end of this review.

SizeGenetics penis extender does not utilize cheap components which most other extenders do. When you purchase SizeGenetics, you also get six months warranty. Company offer six months refund policy, too. No question asked. You can call company support on tool free phone or even chat with support. They use to say: “We are able to give the best support to our consumers”. I was shy and didn’t try to call support. It was my first mistake.

Size Genetics extender is easy to use. Just follow the instructions. My second mistake was: I did not read instructions. Why? It looks so easy to use. It’s easy, but please, please, read enclosed user guide.

My third mistake was: I was lazy to use extender every day. It’s up to you how long and when you want to use penis extender. If you want your investment to pay off, be persistent. Use it on regular basis one month. When you see improvement, you’ll have enough motivation to finish your penis enlargement task. You can use it for as long as you want.

SizeGeneticsUltimateOrderI was shy, clumsy and lazy at the beginning. My friend showed me the right way. I have 8.5 inch penis, now. Mine is Bigger than Nick’s. Thanks to Size Genetics my penis is bigger. MaleExtra pills made my erections stronger and let me last longer in bed. I can make love every day, twice a day. I like my sex life. My girlfriend likes my sex life, too. What’s next? I think I’ll try Volume pills.

Written by John Snow

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